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"Great ambiance in the studio. Unmatched, calming communication skills which allow first timers to really relax and ease into the process. Couldn’t have chose a better Pro for my first studio session!" 

Breanna A.

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"PSS made this such an amazing experience for me. They were able to truly encapsulate my vision and offer killer tweaks that took my song to the next level. They had so many helpful suggestions, were extremely professional, and insightful. Tons of great equipment too. Not only that, but they made the session fun! Nothing but good vibes here. I’ll definitely be back soon."

Amber C.

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"Pretty much, this is the place to get music done. With Kyle and his crew, you are in good hands at this studio!"

Kadeef S.

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"PSS was very easy to work with. Usually when I go to other studios, I have a hard time warming up and getting comfortable with the engineer. However, PSS was very good at getting me to relax and we were able to create a very good track."

Simone T.


"I booked an online remote mixing session and it was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had. Prolific Sound Solutions is really masterful with their work. They made my single sound 100x better."

Lara L.

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"We had such a great experience with Prolific Sound Solutions! We were recording a podcast and everything went smoothly from booking to recording, and receiving what we needed. Kyle was incredibly responsive. We'll definitely be using them again as everyone loved the experience!"

Alison S.

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"If you're unsure where you want to record at, stop wondering because this is your spot. Working with PSS is like working with somebody you've been hella close with forever. Super knowledgeable and extremely professional, helped me get my track finished and went above and beyond what I coulda expected. Price is unbeatable for what you get out of it, and the experience is even more priceless. Gonna be coming back here every time."

Matthew M.

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"PSS was very inviting. After a tour I was quite impressed. We discussed my project for a moment and after an understanding of what to expect  I was set up on the mic. I'm some what of a perfectionist so we did a few takes. PSS did not rush or become impatient not even during the mix process.  I did not intentionally put they're unlimited revision policy to the test ...but... let's just say the finale mix and master was perfect. This ya boy, the artist formally known as filthy Phil. AMW and l recommend this studio."

Phillip N.

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"PSS guided me through the process and showed extreme professionalism. They were punctual and helped me out a lot. We will definitely be working together moving forward."

Christian V.

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"PSS did an amazing job and understood exactly the sound I was looking for. They were great at keeping me updated along the way of the project. Throughout it all they were nice and easygoing to work with. I would definitely be working with them again!"

Joey C.

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"This was my first time in a studio as a college student and I immediately felt at home and comfortable. I was walked through every step and pushed to take my music even further while respecting my vision."

Tally T.

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"Easy to work with
Knows what they're doing."

Amari M.


"You could tell they cared about the work and it's rare to find such a blend of professionalism and creativity."

Julia G.

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"You won’t be disappointed! My favorite place to go record. You don’t feel pressured and PSS makes you feel more as a friend than a client. Appreciate all the help!"

Darshanth N.

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"Highly recommend PSS if you are thinking of starting a podcast. Kyle is very knowledgeable and has great way about him. They were able to easily understand what it was I was looking to do and explaining what I needed back to me so I could take it and move forward."

Tyson L.

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"They helped me every step of the way  to feel comfortable, confident and have fun. You can tell they really care about what they do and they'll make sure you're satisfied with the final product."

Anna M.

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