Whether it's finding a suitable recording space, setting up a recording system at your location, post production, platform requirements, or distribution, we take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus strictly on content.


If you are an experienced podcaster and are looking to ease some of your existing workload, Prolific Sound Solutions can provide a customized service to get you exactly what you need done.


This customized service can grow and scale alongside your podcast as needed!

 C R E A T I N G  A  P O D C A S T


CONTENT CREATION Find a topic or theme that you are thoroughly interested in. Something you can talk about for hours without getting bored - or boring other people. Create goals that you want to achieve with your podcast; is it to educate the public, generate leads for your business, or just to have fun. Create a script or just wing it. 


EDITING Recording is only half the battle. The most difficult part of creating a podcast is editing. You need to remove distracting sounds, adjust volume, insert your intros, outros, and pre-recorded ads. Editing can be overwhelming but not for our talented sound engineers who are excited by the prospect of creating superior audio.


START RECORDING You need equipment, software and an acoustically treated room to begin recording your podcast. Figure out if you can budget for equipment, learn how to use the software to edit takes, and find a quiet place to record. If that's not going to work - PSS handles everything so you only have to focus on sharing your content.



LAUNCH Submit your podcast to the most popular websites - the ones that you currently find your favorite podcasts at. Submit it to every single one! Create social media content promoting the launch of your new podcast. Ask your friends and family to share your content across all their platforms. Check out our blog post on improving your online presence and don't forget to keep creating content!

CREATE ARTWORK Although you may have the most fascinating and immersive podcast on the planet, nobody is going to take a listen if your artwork doesn't intrigue them to click. Your cover art should visually communicate what your podcast is all about. If you're having a hard time creating your own art, PSS can help you find an amazing graphic design artist to bring your content to life.