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Engineer Spotlight: Collin Purdue

How I landed on becoming an Audio Engineer was more by chance than by choice, and I couldn’t be happier with that result. I started my music journey as a producer just making beats in my bedroom for fun. As I got better at producing, I eventually switched my mindset from it being just a hobby to wanting to make music as a profession. My next move was to sign up for music production classes at DVC. This is where I met Scott Miller. Scott was a great professor of mine who also worked in the field as an Audio Engineer. When my semester ended with Scott, I went to him asking the simple question,

“How could I get into the music industry right now!” And his response was, “I'm going to give you a couple names. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find their contact info and you have my permission to mention my name. I can’t promise you it will lead anywhere, but it may.” One of those names was Kyle Arizabal with Prolific Sound Solutions.

About 6 months ago I found Kyle’s email, sent him my resume, and not long after, heard back about an interview. After meeting with Kyle, he offered me an Audio Engineer Intern position which I so gratefully accepted.

Getting that opportunity felt like a dream come true. Over the last 6 months my knowledge of the music industry and experience with PSS has far surpassed anything I would have ever expected. I have learned everything from proper studio etiquette and client interactions to the technical aspects of recording, mixing, and mastering techniques using Pro tools.

On top of Kyle being a great mentor and leader, he also has an awesome team of engineers, Reggie and Karishma, that have been so helpful and welcoming. They have let me sit in on sessions with them while also showing me their own little tips and tricks. Along with the engineer team, Prolific Sound Solutions has great supporting staff that have been so helpful and easy to work with. I feel extremely fortunate to be now hired as an Audio Engineer and have the privilege to work alongside this great team!

My goals as an Audio Engineer is to continue to perfect my skills and expand my knowledge to result in becoming a great asset to the artist I work with. The more tools and techniques I can acquire, the better I will be at bringing the artist’s visions to life.

While working with artist like J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, or Kanye West would be a dream come true, my ultimate goal is to find an up-and-coming artist and build a long-lasting relationship from the ground up, helping them reach the height of success we all aspire to achieve.

Thank you to the entire PSS Team and Staff for your welcoming support and knowledge. Thank you Scott Miller for the referral! And most of all thank you Kyle for giving me this opportunity and for all the expertise you have shared with me so far. I look forward to the days ahead and the experiences that are to come!


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