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Our experienced engineering team strives to provide you with the best customer experience, from your first take, to the release of your masters. We work on your music as if it were our own, with the same level of detail and perfection. We’re really big on being attentive and truly listening to what you’re looking for, so we can hit your artistic vision and surpass your expectations!


My name is Kyle Arizabal, owner/audio engineer at Prolific Sound Solutions. I grew up in Vallejo, California and I’ve been passionate about music & media for as long as I can remember.  I’m an Ex’pression College graduate and founded PSS in 2012 while working as a product engineer for an audio communications company in Oakland. During my time with this employer, I gained invaluable experience with large-scale projects, including The UN headquarters in NY, General Assembly in Geneva, University of Montreal, and the World Bank in Washington DC. These projects had me migrate to the east coast, and while I learned a lot, I found myself missing the studio environment!


I moved back to CA in 2015 and really started grinding my freelance audio engineering career. I met Chris Paxton, owner at Nexus Audio, and he took me under his wings and taught me a lot about how to run a proper studio business!


I’ve been growing Prolific Sound Solutions ever since. I’m excited to see our growth everyday! We pride ourselves in dealing with our clients with integrity and I strongly believe we have a winning formula when it comes to the studio services we provide! Book a session with me, or anyone of our engineers, today! We’ll help you achieve the sound you’re looking for.

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I'm Josh Neuman, a sound engineer and producer from Vallejo, CA. I've been working with Prolific Sound Solutions since 2018 where I have quickly been promoted from intern to audio engineer. I've engineered and produced for lots of amazing Bay Area artists including Jada Imani, Isaiah Mostafa, Lovey, RealKMS, SADBOYDEX, and many more. My number one goal as an engineer is to make sure you’re in the perfect environment to create and have a good time doing so.



My name is Karishma Kumar, I'm an audio engineer from the Bay Area. Choosing to be a part of this industry wasn’t hard at all, from my love for Pop and R&B growing up, it felt like the right fit. Some of my inspiration ranges from Tyler, the Creator to TV Girl. No matter the genre, a song is supposed to make you feel something and my goal as an engineer is to have my artists leave with a song that does just that. Create a song that everyone wants on repeat! I dabble in Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock and all the genres in between, let’s get experimental!






I'm Liam Hardison, a professional audio engineer, session player, and music teacher with a Bachelor of Music specializing in electric and classical guitar. Much of my time is spent in studios and on stages around the Bay Area. I was hired as an audio engineer by PSS but initially joined the local recording studio community as a client with the progressive rock band Perfect Aquarium. Since then, I've began producing beat-oriented music under the pseudonym First Illusion, enabling myself to serve both rock and rap artists with innovative engineering and producing insights.