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Client Testimonials

Since 2012, we've worked with hundreds of artists. Take a look at some of our client testimonials to see why creatives love working with Prolific Sound Solutions.

Briana A.

“Unmatched, calming communication skills which allow first timers to really relax and ease into the process. Couldn't have chose a better Pro for my first mixing session!"

Darshanth N.

"You won't be disappointed! You don't feel pressured and PSS makes you feel more as a friend than a client. Appreciate all the help!"

Kadeef S.

"Pretty much, this is the place to get music done. With Kyle and his crew, you are in good hands!

Matthew M.

"Working with PSS is like working with somebody you've been hella close with forever. Super knowledgeable and extremely professional. Helped me get my track finished and went above and beyond what I expected. Price is unbeatable for what you get out of it, and the experience is even more priceless"

Tally T.

"This was my first time with a mixing service as a college student and I immediately felt at home and comfortable. I was walked through every step and pushed to take my music even further while they respected my vision"

Tyson L.

"Highly recommend Prolific Sound Solutions if you are thinking of starting a podcast. Kyle is very knowledgeable and has a great way about him. They were able to easily understand what it was I was looking to do and explained what I needed back to me so i could take it and move forward"

Simone T.

PSS was very easy to work with! Usually when I go to other studios, I have a hard time getting comfortable with the engineer. However, PSS was very good at getting me to relax and we were able to create a very good track"

Phillip N.

PSS did not rush or become impatient with me during the mix process. I did not intentionally put their unlimited revision policy to the test... but... let's just say the final mix and master was perfect"

Amari M.

Easy to work with. Professional. Knows what they're doing"

Anna M.

"They helped me every step of the way to feel comfortable and confident. You can tell they really care about what they do and they'll make sure you're satisfied with the final product"

Marcus O.

"GREAT collaborator!"

Brook W.

"Dope team, got a sound engineer and great equipment & sound quality. very easy going and flexible. Had a productive first time experience."

Sean H.

"Awesome experience working with Kyle. He’s been consistently clear with communication and understanding what the project calls for, while also sharing his own input and expertise in how to bring more life to the music. Professionalism at it’s best. Highly recommended!"

Kenneth S.

"Kyle is a great communicator and passionate skilled engineer. I'm meticulous about sound spacing, a bit of an audiophile, and this was the best experience.

Quincy H.

"This was a great experience. Prolific Sound Solutions did an outstanding job mixing and mastering our song. We really appreciate what they did and definitely will be returning for our project"

Jason L.

PSS is amazing. I just wrapped up my mixing session with him and it was incredible! Kyle exceeded my expectations. He's very friendly, easy to work with, and great at helping keep the artist on track. I felt very comfortable working with him and listening to him mix/master was very cool. I will be back again with many more projects in the future!

Patrick M.

It was a great experience working with Prolific Sound Solutions. From the get go they made sure you were comfortable and had an easy-going vibe that was great to be around. They knew exactly what needed to be done and we were finished early and the final product was terrific. Iʻll be back for sure.

Betsy S.

"Getting to know Kyle through emails and phone conversations, we grew confident about working with him. Now that our project is completed we know we can highly recommend Prolific Sound Solutions and Kyle to friends or strangers knowing they will be completely satisfied with their experience working with him"

Matt C.

"We had a good experience with Prolific Sound Solutions. They took their time listening to the artist’s vision and making it a reality. Good communication throughout, and we were happy with how the song came out. We will use them again!"

William L.

"Dope experience. The vibe you get makes you feel hella comfortable. I would most definitely recommend Prolific Sound Solutions to anyone . 10/10"

Laura E.

"Kyle and his team were great and the music they produced sounded awesome! We were all very impressed. We will definitely work with Pacific Sound Solutions again

Rob H.

"Super happy with the sound quality. Radio ready"

Kalen Y.

"Kyle is amazing and really good at what he does. He’s willing to work with you to get the sound you want and gives great feedback. 10/10 would recommend and I will be going back ASAP"

David C.

"Very nice guy I could tell just within the first 10 minutes of talking that he is passionate about his business, that is who I want to partner with, people who are passionate put out great work. Excited to get started!"

Bohdan A.

"Not only did I get perfect sound quality of my song, but I also had a great time working with Kyle. He knows how to create cozy and welcoming environment which I think is very important when your are working on something you put your soul into. Will definitely be back!"

Jennifer L.

"I put in a request through their website and was on the phone with Kyle in about 90 seconds. Quite the customer service! My needs surrounded tech and audio for a local podcast. Despite being booked and having a newborn, Kyle was willing to fit me in and make a house call to ensure I was up and running before my next interview. He clearly knows the tech but he is equally savvy about customer service and his ability to communicate and teach me what i needed to know"
Mastering Unlimited BG.jpeg

Free Unlimited Revisions

We are confident in our technical abilities and communication skills. We speak your artistic language. We offer free, unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the final output. Get the results you're looking for without ballooning expenses.

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