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Mastering Services

Whether you mixed it yourself, at another studio, or with us, let us take your mixes to completion. We're in tune with all the loudness standards in the industry and we make sure your masters are crystal clear, regardless of platform destination.

After mixing, we MASTER the song to ensure it remains competitive in the current media release landscape. This includes ensuring balanced and radio quality, loudness measurements and adherence to digital platform standards, meta data, and file naming conventions.


When mastering an album, we make sure there is a constant from start to finish regarding volume and acoustic style/texture.

We can prepare acapella, instrumental, performance, radio edit, and stem files in addition to your mastered deliverables.

Industry-Standard Masters

Professional Mastering

  • Audio-summing (analog and/or digital)

  • Tape Filtering

  • 2-track equalizing, M/S processing

  • Stereo Imaging

  • Multi-band Compression


  • True Peak Limiting

  • Loudness Measured in LUFs

  • Compliant and in line with all digital audio platform standards


  • Retain dynamic range and make sure your song is FELT.

  • Soft-Clipping

  • Per-Band Limiting For Ultimate Control

100% Satisfaction

With our Free Unlimited Revisions policy and personalized services, you're guaranteed to truly embrace the final output as something to be proud of.

The Last Step Towards Your Masterpiece

Loud, dynamic, crystal-clear audio.


Hear Our Masters

Mastering Songs, EPs & Full Length Albums

Single Song Mastering

  • Per song fee
  • Loud, dynamic, crystal clear

EP Mastering

  • Mastering each song in relation to each other
  • Track arrangement
  • Slight bulk discount
  • Strict file naming convention
  • Meta Data

Full Length Album Mastering

  • Mastering each song in relation to each other
  • Track arrangement
  • Custom-Tailored Transitions
  • Significant discount; project rate
  • Strict file naming convention
  • Meta Data
  • Acapellas, instrumentals, performance tracks, radio edits, and stem files included FREE
Mastering Unlimited BG.jpeg

Free Unlimited Revisions

We are confident in our technical abilities and communication skills. We speak your artistic language. We offer free, unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the final output. Get the results you're looking for without ballooning expenses.

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