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Mixing Services

We are expreienced in all genres. By employing the latest in hardware, software, and digital plug-ins, our audio engineers aim to mix your song until it's flawless, while always keeping your original vision in mind. We offer live online mixing so you can watch and hear the difference in real-time, while offering feedback on the spot.

The tools are only one component of the formula. Along with the cutting-edge technology we employ, we have a strict adherence to fundamental and technical audio engineering principles.

Our premium standard: every engineer at PSS mixes client work as if they were working on their own intimate creation.

Our Creative Process


Book A Free Consultation

Call, e-mail or fill out our contact form to book a free consultation to let us better understand your audio needs. Consultations are usually 20 minutes or less.


We Propose Solutions

During the consultation, we'll map out creative direction, resources to utilize, and technical requirements. We schedule production and mixing sessions here.


We Provide Solutions

Experience top-of-the-line customer service with the option to join every production and mixing session online. Give feedback in real-time, and enjoy the process as we craft your next hit song.


100% Satisfaction

With our Free Unlimited Revisions policy and personalized services, you're guaranteed to truly embrace the final output as something to be proud of.

Studio-Quality Output

Achievable from the comfort of your own Home Studio

Hear Our Mixes

Comprehensive Mixing Approach


  • file importing, organizing, relabeling
  • Audio clean up
  • De-noise, de-breath
  • clip gain staging
  • Create composites from vocal takes
  • Manual and automatic pitch correction
  • Composition Arrangement


  • Live, or client-unattended, all client mixing requests fulfilled
  • Individual audio track processing, as needed
  • Equalizing
  • Compression
  • Multi-band compression
  • Saturation
  • Time-based processing/FX including reverb, delay, microshift
  • Supgrouping; group processing
  • Vocal stack processing
  • Stereo imaging
  • M/S processing
  • Transient Shaping


  • Audio-summing (analog and/or digital)
  • Tape Filtering
  • 2-track equalizing, M/S processing
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Multi-band Compression
  • Soft Clipping
  • True Peak Limiting
  • Loudness Measured in LUFs
  • Compliant and in line with all digital audio platform standards

Free Unlimited Revisions

We are confident in our technical abilities and communication skills. We speak your artistic language. We offer free, unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the final output. Get the results you're looking for without ballooning expenses.


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Native Instruments


During MIXING, your sound engineer will work to polish and bring out the best qualities within each element of your song. We carefully and thoughtfully add warmth and maximize loudness. We push for high-end clarity and remove noise or unwanted artifacts.


We employ arrangement changes and fx that complement your style. We create and incorporate added production elements based on the client’s request.

  • First stage of audio production

  • Balances musical elements into a single song

  • Access to all instruments

  • Performing major adjustments

  • Long process; 1 to 8 hours

  • Focuses on the artist's creative intension


After mixing, we MASTER the song to ensure it remains competitive in the current media release landscape. This includes ensuring balanced and radio quality, loudness measurements and adherence to digital platform standards, meta data, and file naming conventions.


When mastering an album, we make sure there is a constant from start to finish regarding volume and acoustic style/texture.

  • Last stage of audio production

  • Balances a single stereo track

  • Access to only the mix

  • Performing minuscule adjustments

  • Short process; up to 1 hour

  • Focuses on the audio quality per industry standards

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