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Live Events Services

Create an extraordinary experience at your next live event with superior live sound. We are a trusted California audio business for both small and large events across the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


Our professional and experienced live sound technicians will monitor and amplify the audio quality of your special event!  We specialize in both indoor & outdoor performances. 


We design, setup, and tear-down the correct audio system for your specific needs. We’re here to give you the quality sound your audience deserves so they can hear your live event loud and clear.

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Genuine, Professional Live Event Services

Professional Team

Our experienced live sound engineers provide pre-event planning assistance, system integrations, and ongoing support for the duration of the event

Extraordinary Event Experience

Ongoing support from our team means foreseeing potential roadblocks and creating a plan for a smooth delivery

Superior Audio Quality

We bring only the clearest, loudest, & carefully adjusted sound for every audience. We make sure you're being heard!

Experience Superior Live Sound

Let us help you plan and execute your next event

Live Band from Off the Grid
Guitarist and drummer from Off the Grid
Aspen Institute Lecture
Night-time outdoor live event
Songwriter Festival on the streets of San Fransisco

AV Rentals Available

Just need to rent AV gear? No Live Sound Engineer needed? We got you covered.

Success Stories

Off The Gird

Off the Grid is a unique food and entertainment event that brings together food trucks, live music, and vendors to create a vibrant community gathering. Prolific Sound Solutions was the official audio partner for the 2022 season. This event included one stage and two alternating live performance acts every Friday night from May to November. The equipment list was extensive. Our sound services for Off the Grid included outdoor live-sound reinforcement and amplification through wired and wireless solutions, as well as the ability to provide four independent monitor mixes for performers. A live sound technician was on site for 24/7 monitoring.

Songwriter Festival.jpg

Music City Songwriter's Festival

For the last two years, we've worked with Music City to provide audio for their Songwriter's Festival, a celebration of Bay Area musicians showcasing their talents. The festival is hosted on Polk Street, closed off for the occasion to provide an outdoor venue for the performances. With three stages set up, multiple sets are scheduled throughout the day. For the annual festival, we provide excellent sound capabilities that included sound-reinforcement and amplification, independent monitor mixes for performers, and support for multiple performances. To ensure the sound quality is perfect, three Live Sound engineers are on-site for 24/7 monitoring. Overall, this yearly event is a massive success and a great showcase of the Bay Area's diverse and talented music community.

Aspen Institute

Prolific Sound Solutions has provided high-quality audio for various indoor conferences hosted by The Aspen Institute. These conferences cover a broad range of topics, from bias in AI systems to international relations and cryptocurrency. The indoor conferences are typically attended by up to 50 people and the audio quality is carefully monitored for optimal settings. Our equipment included x4 lavaliere/lapel microphones, x2 wireless handheld microphones, and occasionally a PA system due to the location not having any AV solution. Our sound capabilities involved sound-reinforcement, host/panel audio, Q&A with the crowd, and multiple speakers. We also provided a live sound technician and supporting audio engineer who are available on-site for 24-7 monitoring.

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Vibes at The Veranda

In 2023, Prolific Sound Solutions provided live audio services for "Vibes at The Veranda," a six-week event showcasing live music, food, and family-friendly attractions. Prolific Sound Solutions provided an extensive selection of gear, including digital audio mixers, microphones, cabling, monitor speakers, and lighting.

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