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Production Services

We are experienced in all genres. Achieve the sound and scope that you’ve always dreamed of for your album, all from the comfort of your own home studio.


With our proven production approach, we can help you create all the ingredients that equal a cohesive, creative output.

REAL, Professional Studio Musicians

Your digital drums not hitting hard enough? In need of a killer guitar solo? Looking for vocalists to add extra layers to your vocal stack? We got you covered.

ANY Instrument

From Accordions to Xylophones, any instrument type, any musician style. Utilize our extensive studio musician network to add authentic genre-specific compositions to your existing or planned production.

LIVE Feedback

Clients are able to join EVERY production session remotely online. Give feedback to subcontracted musicians in real-time.

100% Ownership

All production elements are yours to keep, 100% exclusive ownership. No royalty splits

Inject Amazing Elements To Your Existing Work

Whatever your song is missing, let us supply it


Production Resources for YOU

In-House Producers

Studio Musicians

Additional Vocalists

Choirs & Symphonies

Yuri Violin
Dean Piano
String Quartet
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