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Client Highlight: Dean Witter, Classical Music Composer

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Often times, our clients have the vision and desire to accomplish something, but find themselves overwhelmed with all the options and resources available today, paralyzed by choice. Prolific Sound Solutions prides itself on helping clients by bearing all the responsibilities of handling project needs - out-sourcing studio musicians, scheduling for specialized facilities, or delivering masters to their desired platforms, for example - so customers can purely focus on the creative aspects of the work.

An excellent example I'd like to share: over the past several months, Prolific Sound Solutions has had the pleasure of working with classical composer Dean Witter of San Francisco, CA. Dean has had an illustrious career spanning over 6 decades, including performance credits throughout Europe & the US, a series of lectures on music for the Armed Forces Radio, and numerous accolades from places such as Kensington Orchestra's Composition Competition.

Phelps Dean Witter, Paris 1957

Phelps Dean Witter, Paris 1957

When I first met Dean, he communicated his interest in having his compositions performed and recorded. He had more than enough scores to work with but was unsure how to go about reaching out to musicians and professionally capture the performances. Dean's biggest concern was finding musicians who could confidently perform classical music at a high level. It was our job to facilitate these needs. Carefully vetting potential musicians to work with, we were ultimately able to deliver an expertly-performed and recorded piece, a milestone Dean doesn't often get to savor in. "In reality, these days I rarely ever get to hear my scores performed," Dean admitted, "or even recorded for that matter. So being able to enjoy this all is a true treat."

We've been fortunate to work with Dean several times now. During our first project we were excited to collaborate with The Eclecta Quartet for a four string quartet piece. The 3 movement piece was obviously composed by a master level writer. Dean was blown away by the ladies' ability to perform, with little practice before the actual session.

The Eclecta Quartet rehearsing Dean Witter's Four String Quartet

Shortly after, Dean reached out to us once more, this time with a Piano and Violin sonata. Prolific Sound Solutions coordinated with violinist Yuri Kye (Elevate Ensemble) & pianist Julie Barwick to fulfill performance needs. A session was booked at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA with intent of utilizing the Yamaha CF 9′ Concert Grand Piano within Studio A. The results were spectacular.

We continue to work with Dean Witter from time to time and look forward to more of his breathtaking works! If you'd like more information about Dean Witter, be sure to visit his website.

If you're a composer, musician, or business that requires out-sourcing studio musicians, contact us now! We'd be happy to facilitate.

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